Adamo Estates – Lead Generation / e-book

Adamo Intro

Research and writing for a 12-page e-book on Residential Development In London for London property development specialists, Adamo Estates.

The e-book was to act as a lead magnet for a Facebook campaign directed to a landing page where the e-book was available as a free download for property investors. To receive the e-book, investors had to fill in their name and email address, then respond to a confirmation email.

As a lead generation campaign, the ROI was significant for Adamo Estates as each of their development projects ranged, in value, from £500,000 – £5m.

Extensive research was required to write the e-book, including knowledge of; all current and future transport and regeneration projects in London, facts and figures on London’s growing population and their spending habits, which areas of north/south/east/west London were ripe for development (and why), why property is better than ‘traditional investments’, the pros and cons of buying a property at auction, and how to undertake a development project.