By agreeing to work with me, you confirm that you have read, considered, and agreed to all of the points below:

At the Start

1. Having initially contacted me (whether by phone or email), we will discuss the basics of your project; the aims and objectives of the work, chosen media channel(s), target audience, tone of voice.

2. I will then (either in person, via phone, or via Skype) take a full, detailed brief in relation to the project.
On the basis of this, I will provide – in writing – a cost and a timeframe within which work will be completed.

If you wish to change the brief after work has commenced, you will inform me as soon as possible and – if necessary – I will adjust the budget to reflect any increased time spent on a job.
Please note: I will not start any work without a full written brief, signed off by yourself and/or any key decision makers who will be reviewing the new copy.
This protects both of us. It means I have guidelines I have to stick to, and you – as a client – cannot suddenly change the project halfway through.

3. Work on your project will begin once I have received written confirmation – by email or post – that you would like to proceed, and condition number five (5) has been satisfied.

4. My minimum order is £500.


5. I will require a deposit of 50% – payable by BACS – before work can commence. No work will begin before this point.

6. The remaining 50% will then be due within 7 days of you receiving the first draft. Beyond this point, my invoicing company will contact you for payment, rather than myself.

7. Dependent on the work, I can quote on a daily basis or by project.

8. By agreeing to work with me, you confirm – in advance – that you are / your company is financially solvent and can meet all payments relating to your project.


9. As a matter of course, I will provide up to two sets of revisions for any work undertaken.

10. Requests for any revisions are to be made within 7 days of you receiving first/second draft of the copy. Revisions will be made by an agreed deadline, set within the existing deadline of the project.
Requests for revisions received outside of the 7-day period (from receipt of first/second draft) will be addressed on the next available date, without impacting on other client projects that are within deadline.

Please note: I cannot be held liable if you completely change your thoughts / the scope of the brief, halfway through.
Major changes – such as a completely different tone of voice than first agreed – halfway through the brief will result in additional charges for the extra time taken.
If you are working with a business coach/adviser/marketing company, who is/are advising you on this project, you must let me know at the start of the brief.
Likewise, if you are working in partnership with another owner or key decision maker, I will assume that both of you saw and agreed to the full, signed-off brief before you started the project.

11. I check all copy thoroughly for any literal errors i.e typos and spelling errors. However, it is your responsibility to check for such errors before the final draft is published, as I cannot be held liable for any errors once work is in the public domain.


12. If you cancel a project, for any reason, after you have instructed me to start work, a charge will be made on the actual time spent on your project to that point – to a minimum of 50% of the project fee. Any remaining balance will be refunded to you.

13. By choosing to work with me, you agree that fees are to be paid in full, regardless of whether you / your company delays, changes, or stops the project for which I have produced copy.


14. When you contract me to write copy for you, you acknowledge that I may, where necessary, engage the services of professionals – graphic designers, illustrators, web designers – to help me deliver part of the work which you require. In such a case, I will review the work before it is presented to you, to ensure that it is of the quality and professionalism you would expect.


15. Copyright of the work is transferred to you upon completion of the project, on the basis that all associated fees have been paid in full.


16. I reserve the right to use your project or any positive feedback in order to promote my copywriting services.