Anthony Nolan – Supporter Impact Mailing

Anthony Nolan wanted a spring impact mailing to go out to their supporters that would lift them during tough times, in the middle of the pandemic. The mailing was to contain nothing but good news – uplifting stories from around the charity about their lifesaving work. It was to be in the style of a newspaper.
I was provided with several case studies and worked to produce newspaper stories that were upbeat and really gave a sense of what supporters help to achieve. As well as writing the stories, I came up with a name for the newspaper, several headlines for each story, and captions for all images.

The mailing was well received by supporters, with many getting in touch to say how much they enjoyed reading it, including this message:

Dear Amy ,

Just wanted to say how delightful it was to receive The Lifesaving Times and hear about the wonderful work that Anthony Nolan is doing.

It’s so refreshing to hear some good news stories especially in these difficult Covid Times .

I think Anthony Nolan hits the right note with your supporters and doesn’t bombard you with lots of mailings.

Keep up the good work.