Indeed Flex – B2B OOH Campaign

branding /copy /graphics

Picker Packer Ad
Loader Ad

I was tasked with creating an OOH B2B campaign, appearing on traditional outdoor sites (roadside billboards), targeting potential clients/employers (those who would hire Indeed Flex’s temp workers, AKA ‘Flexers’, through our app) across the industrial, hospitality, and retail sectors.
The idea had to lean into one of our key USPs for clients/employers – speed (instant access to workers), control (of which workers employers can choose), choice (derivative of ‘control’), or quality (all workers pre-verified, with appropriate skills and experience) – with a clear benefit off of that USP.
And, of course, any campaign idea had to be nailed with a punchy, benefit-led endline.

Initially, I came up with five possible campaign ideas, three of them visual routes – all with several executions.
But the one chosen by the powers that be was copy-led and was based on the proposition of speed/instant access i.e. employers can find the right temp workers, to fill upcoming shifts, at lightning speed by using Indeed Flex.
We had to get across that we’re not a traditional, slow-to-respond temp agency – we’re a tech-enabled, find-a-temp-quick recruitment platform.
The campaign looked to convey the notion of ‘speed’ (or rather the benefit of it) through quick role-related tongue twisters (based on those we all grew up with e.g ‘Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers’).
There are the examples shown on this page, but others included ‘Find a picker packer quicker’, ‘Hire a martini genie’, ‘Top drawer door delivery’.
All in, there were over 50 different executions created, all nailed with an endline that would still convey speed, but also tech: ‘Tap – job filled!’
Each execution could be no more than six words in length, as, being traditional outdoor posters, these ads had to be understood in just a couple of seconds.

There was an ‘explainer line’ at the bottom of each ad, after the endline (not my choice, but hey-ho), which read: ‘Indeed Flex – Instant access to talented temps’.
Ultimately, the campaign is about word play: using assonance, consonance, internal rhyme, end/tail rhyme, and alliteration – as a mnemonic device – to convey the one key message.