Norwood – Fundraising Appeal

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An integrated fundraising campaign, starting with a direct mail piece and covering letter, for Norwood: a charity for children with special educational needs and adults with learning disabilities.

Norwood produce an annual campaign for the Jewish New Year. The concept for this one was ‘Not just for this New Year, but for every year’ – communicating that, when needed, Norwood offer care throughout someone’s life.

The case study for this campaign was a young lady with Down’s syndrome, called Rachel, who lives in one of Norwood’s residential accommodations.
It was written through the eyes of her mum, Sharon, to show the early struggles in getting help for Rachel, raising a family, finding the right services for her, making sure she was happy, and making sure she has a full life.

Rachel’s story was created after several interviews with Sharon, both face to face and over the phone.

The look and feel was to be that of an old-fashioned photo album, spanning Rachel’s early years right up to present day.

Along with the direct mail piece – written in an almost poetic style, different to previous Norwood campaigns – there was a covering letter, a follow-up letter, a thank you letter, an email campaign, a webpage, and press ads; all derivative of the main campaign.

The letters were all written as Sharon, with strong CTAs worked in and different amounts requested, depending on the donors targeted.
The letters were split tested, with donation slips attached to some and enclosed with others.

Norwood Fundraising Campaign :