07 Mar

A clucking good TV ad

I’m happy to have a whinge on here (crap ads, terrible creative ideas, how not to write content, poor straplines), but I’m also happy to offer up praise where it’s due.

Excusing the awful punny title for this blog post, I’m going to cast that praise in the direction of the silly, frivolous, fun, ridiculously simple TV ad for Asda’s Easter eggs.

Here it is, in all its glory:


Resurrection of Christ aside, we all know that – certainly for supermarkets – Easter has become as much a commercial beast as it is a religious festival.
There are reasons for the existence of Easter eggs, but the link is incredibly tenuous, and, to all intents and purposes, it’s quite a stretch to connect the rising of one of the world’s most famous prophets with chocolate eggs and Nestle/Cadbury’s filling their coffers.

And if something as bizarre as chocolate eggs exist, what could they possibly come from?
That’s right: a giant chocolate hen.

It’s a wonderfully simple creative idea – almost obvious.
Like most brilliant creative ideas, the thought has to be: Why has no-one else done it before? Why has no-one thought; ‘eggs come from hens – wouldn’t it be funny to have an Easter advert with a chocolate hen laying chocolate eggs?’

Well done to the creative team who came up with this simple, ‘obvious’, silly solution to the brief. I bet they had fun working on this, and it’ll be great to have it in their folio/on their reel.

It’s funny, it made me smile, and it lets me know that Asda have loads of Easter eggs in – the message is clear. Good stuff.

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