24 Feb

A herd of art directors?

Creative types – we’re a precious bunch. We like to stick to our own, in safe little groups.
Put us too close together and we’re likely to make cross signs at each other, with our fingers, or throw holy water / room temperature San Pellegrino.

In light of this, I think that – as with the animal kingdom – there should be collective terms (equivalent to, for example, ‘a murder of crows’ or ‘a pride of lions’).

I have opted for three choices per creative category. Please let me know which you prefer, or whether you have your own suggestions…

A cluster of copywriters

A scribble of copywriters

A panic of copywriters

A doodle of art directors

A herd of art directors

An oooh of art directors

A throng of designers

A dangle of designers

A flomp of designers

A matrix of web developers

A bundle of web developers

A joooom of web developers

A whomp of photographers

A snap of photographers

A fiddle of photographers

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