25 Feb

A mess

Out of boredom, and to do something ‘wordy’, I had a bash at this wordsearch puzzle last night.


After a while I had to stop though – partly because it was getting late and partly because I simply couldn’t see new words, with everything crossing over itself. 

This wordsearch is a (slightly clumsy) metaphor for what happens if you run an email campaign, press ad, or DM campaign with three different messages / calls to action.

If you send an email which asks people to buy tickets to an event, sign up to a monthly newsletter, and join a cycling challenge in Burma, only one of those messages will sink in – probably the first one mentioned.

If your DM piece asks people to donate, volunteer their time, and apply for a place in a marathon, only one message will stick, or none of them will.

Don’t turn your comms pieces into a confusing mess: as I’ve said before, one piece of comms  = one strong message, otherwise you end up looking like my wordsearch and losing your audience.

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