29 Jan

A nutty ad

Credit where it’s due – this is brilliant:

Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 11.02.25

Why is it brilliant?

Well, for starters, it advertises four products in one ad (you could argue that it advertises ‘a range’, from the same brand), while remaining effortlessly simple.

It’s also a long-copy ad that feels like a short-copy ad: smart.

It’s in a format that busy professionals – probably who it’s aimed at – would recognise: a flowchart.

It’s funny: ‘Gravy’… ‘Good, thought that was a weird answer’…’Probably not, now I think about it’… ‘What about things that have ‘nut’ in the name, but aren’t actually nuts?’

It lists the benefits of each product in an old school, salesy way, without ever sounding salesy.

It somehow gets away with using caps all the way through, largely because of Innocent’s cutesy font.

It’s in keeping with Innocent’s seamless tone of voice – effortless, friendly, humorous – and it never breaks sweat; just sounds natural.

In short, it’s darn clever.

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