03 Oct

A Total (pun intended) dog’s dinner

Look at this (click on the images and they’re a little clearer):

Total    Total2

Can anyone tell me what this Total press ad is all about?

Can anyone tell me who it’s aimed at: investors? The general public?

Who, among the general public, would give a sh*t about Total or the message in this ad?
To my (and most people’s) knowledge, Total are an oil / petrol company. We don’t choose petrol stations on the basis of loyalty or a good PR/ad campaign – we choose them on the basis of which one happens to be nearest when we’re low on petrol

What is the ad saying, anyway? Who is the guy in the helicopter? Is he a Total director/executive?
Why is he pointing to an oil rig? That’s not ‘better energy’.or is he pointing beyond the oil rig? If so, where to?

Who would bother to use the hashtag #MakeThingsBetter? For what purpose (the add gives no particular reason to use the hashtag)? Why would anyone want to further the marketing campaign of an oil/petrol company?

Who are the ‘100,000 men and women’?
What has an oil rig got to do with ‘natural gas and solar energy’?

Why is ‘Committed to better energy’ both the headline and the tagline? Could they not think of anything else?

I give up. I’m off to drown myself in a vat of London Pride.

Happy Friday one and all.

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