22 Jun

Advertising Müllered

What on earth is going on at Müller? Have they been sniffing the dust off those ‘delicious chocolate balls’ that Nicole Scherzinger keeps banging on about?

They seem to be having their own, private ‘worst TV ad possible’ competition, across all products.

First they had the irrelevant dancing bear, for Müller Rice:

I’ve written about this before, but I can only assume they looked at the Meerkats/Compare The Market, and the ads that followed (and Vinny the panda, for Foxes ‘Bisquits’), and thought: ‘we should just put some kind of talking, dancing animal in our advert – that seems to be popular. Doesn’t matter if it makes no sense.’
Not to mention the fist-clenchingly awful ‘rice, rice, baby’ pun…

Next up, the bizarre, cringeworthy, ‘yeah that’d definitely happen’ Müller Pud Corner advert, with Nicole Scherzinger:

Why is she playing pat-a-cake with a complete stranger’s child? Why is she in their garden? Why is the mum whispering ‘and it’s made with over 75% skimmed milk’?… because that’s a normal thing to whisper in someone’s ear, during the course of natural conversation??
…and the falling off the chair/laughing sequence: cringe.
I’m sure this is a normal occurrence though, and Nicole Scherzinger always pops into random stranger’s gardens to eat yoghurt with them.

And just when I thought Müller were all done, they completed the hatrick with this shower of sh*te, for Müllerlight Goodies:

Putting aside that the whole ad is just pure cheese (dairy-based pun??), why is the man out to impress the lady? Does he just find her attractive? Is he supposed to be more into the yoghurt? Or does he have a niche fetish for blondes eating yoghurts in public?
Why does she respond to the voiceover? Who screams ’99 calories!’ out loud, in the middle of a park, to no-one in particular?
Why is that so surprising to the man, that he shouts ‘what?’ and falls off his Swiss ball? How can he even hear her from there? Why does he carry on doing crunches on the floor? It’s not like she hasn’t already embarrassed herself by randomly screaming ’99 calories!’

There’s not even a link between the three ads, all from the same brand; one contains a dancing bear, another has Nicole Scherzinger at a family barbecue, another has a woman eating yoghurt on a park bench.

I can only assume that the creatives were overruled on their original ideas, at concept stage – either by their creative director or the client themselves.
I cannot imagine any creative team willingly coming up with this work, or wanting to put their names to it. Bizarre.

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