09 Jul

Aim for seamless

I won’t name them outright, but I popped in to see a company today.

I already view their tone of voice – and their marketing in general – as seamless.

From their press ads, to their TV ads, to posters, to their web content, to their social media interactions, to the copy on their packaging, to their emails – everything is distinctly ‘them’.
You can tell something is from this company without even seeing their logo on it.

When I walked into their building, this seamless approach simply carried on; the decor in reception, the notes on the walls, the funny, framed quips in the toilet, the unusual ‘wet floor’ signs… everything is relative to, and consistent with, their existing tone of voice.
The only way I can think to describe this is; brutally consistent.

If you can start to inject a little consistency into your company’s communications, you’ll be onto a winner.
Try to use the same person/people/agency across all of your written communications, build a recognisable tone of voice, have it applied to the way in which you answer the phones and the way you respond to immediate feedback.

Build familiarity with your customers. Get to the point where they know, without even seeing a logo or your brand mentioned, that an email is from you/your company.
Familiarity breeds trust and empathy.
At the point at which your customers trust you and become used to your way of speaking to them, they’ll keep buying from you, and – with luck – buy into your whole ethos. Powerful stuff.

Aim for seamless. Aim for brutal consistency.

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