01 Oct

All about the headline…

I’m so annoyed. I saw this ad on a roadside poster – for a new type of McCain chip – and I didn’t take a picture because I thought; ‘It’s an above-the-line campaign for a big brand – I’ll just Google an image of it’.
Silly me – no such image exists at the moment.

I’ll have to just crack on and hope to add the image at a later date, for illustrative purposes.

Anyway… where was I?

Oh yes… I saw this poster for a new, super-duper fluffy, McCain chip, and the visual wasn’t that creative. In fact, the visual was about as obvious as it gets: a hand holding up one of these new chips.
It doesn’t take a huge creative leap to show someone holding a chip, in a chip advert.

But… what made the ad was the headline above that image; ‘The chip of chip snobs’ (the chunky font helped, too).

If the purpose of the ad is to get me to try this product for the first time, then it works.
That headline is a challenge. It makes me think; ‘Really? Are they that good? I’m a chip snob – I’ll be the judge of that’.

I’d be happy to buy them once, as a quick, on-the-way-home, impulse buy… so the ad has made me part with my money and give it to McCain.
And if I like those chips – having tried them once – and believe them to be ‘the chip of chip snobs’ (or just ‘a decent chip’), then I’ll buy them again and again: they’ll be an ever-present in my freezer.

The visual isn’t that creative – it’s the headline that makes it.

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