05 May

All down to you

You’ve been trying to get business from someone/another business, and they’ve looked at several service providers, and received numerous quotes for the work.

That business is now at the point where they’re choosing between just two people: you or a competitor.

Both you and your competitor have;

*The same number of years’ experience.

*Worked with similar businesses in the past.

*The same skillset.

*Offered the same rates.

*A similar ethos.

Guess what it’s going to come down to… you: your individual personality, how you conduct yourself, and how you’ve conducted yourself in the past.

People work with people they like (particularly on long projects where they’ll have to spend time with you). They want to pick up the phone to someone who they get on with, rather than someone they dread calling.

They also want to work with people they can trust, who are honest and value integrity. If you’ve diddled clients in the past and thought you’d ‘got away with it’, this is where it could come back to bite you on the bum.
This is why – apart from a number of other reasons – it’s simply not worth doing a rubbish job, or taking a client’s money then buggering off.

You – as a person – could be the difference between winning and losing bits of business.
Be a decent person, try to make sure you’re easy to get on with, and look to do a good job, every single time.

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