21 Feb

Allowed the odd one

I went to an exhibition about a week ago; a collection of work by an artist called Markus Lupertz (yes, I am just trying to sound cultured). 

One of the pieces was two splodges of white paint on A3 paper.
It fell into the category of ‘well, I could do that’, or ‘well I could do that, but because my name isn’t Markus Lupertz, no-one would call it art’.
But… Mr Lupertz could be forgiven this one piece, as his collection contained a number of conceptual paintings, and wax and plaster sculptures, across two floors – all of which were good food for thought.
In fact, you can still see the exhibition, here

Anyway, the point is, everyone’s allowed one turkey amongst a sea of generally good work.
It’s the reason that Coca-Cola can get away with this saccharine, self-congratulatory pap (that line ‘either – I just love Coke!’ makes me want to punch myself in the face).

The rule about one turkey also applies to this monstrosity, from Sainsbury’s.



I know it’s a promo ad. I know it was probably thrown at a team/art director with an impossible turnaround time, but still…

Why is there a mushroom floating in the air?

What are those little bits (also in the air)? Grit? Cat litter?

Why do both the woman and the pot look like they’ve just been plonked on the page?

Why is the pot so massive and the woman so tiny?

What’s with the facial expression and hand gesture of the woman: is she blowing the pot a kiss?

I know the message of ‘£2.85 for diced beef’ will still get across, but what a mess. It’s right up there with Markus Lupertz’s splodges.
Still – we’re all allowed one.

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