11 Mar

Almost brilliant

I saw this before and was impressed:

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 09.06.58

A long-ish copy ad, clearly showing the benefits of having a BT TV package.

It was all good, and all made sense, right the way down to ‘Premier League over… BT Sport off’.

Then it went a bit weird.

If it’s summer, it’s the school holidays, which means it’s far more likely those grandkids will come over again… so why would you turn ‘Kids stuff’ off?

If it’s summer, it’ll also be nice and warm (maybe), so you’ll be outside more, enjoying those long days – barbecues, sunbathing, going for walks etc.
So why would you go the route of ‘Feet up. Movies on’? Surely you’d do that in autumn or winter.

I wonder if the client got involved with this and stipulated certain things that had to remain in the final ad – certain channels.
It’s a good effort – it just doesn’t quite make sense.

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