15 Jul

Alternative job titles

Ever since traffic wardens became CEOs (Civil Enforcement Officers), I’ve been fascinated by alternative job titles: effectively, describing the same role in different words (I’m still not calling the b*st*rds ‘CEOs’).

I’ve often heard copywriters/content writers called different things, including ‘digital content creation specialist’… their business card must be incredibly wide.

Over the weekend, I was discussing  Рwith a friend Рalternative (and mainly silly) job titles for myself/copywriters in general.

We came up with the following:

Alphabet Molester.

Sentence Shepherd.

Word Caresser.

Grammar Guardian.

Syntactical Wizard.

Word Masseuse/Masseur.

Sentence Fluffer.

Content Matron.

Logistical Alphabet Coordinator.

Syntax Enforcement Officer.


So, that’s me done (for now), but what would your alternative title be: what would you choose as a description of your role?

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