20 Nov

And the award for laziest strapline goes to…

I was stuck in traffic this morning, bored out of my skull, when I happened to look to my right and spot a herd of BT vans, parked up.

One of these was a BT Sport van, emblazoned with the following strapline: ‘Great sport happens here’

Admittedly – as a proud grumpy bastard – it doesn’t take much to wind me up (and the traffic was doing a good job on its own), but how bloody lazy is that line?…. ‘great sport happens here’.

It seems like the very first thought the creative team/agency had when they were handed the BT Sport brief: ‘Yup, that’ll do – next multi-million pound account please!’
Even ‘where the action is’ is better. Crap, but better.

It’s like Carling running the line ‘We make beer. Try it’, or Xbox – ‘Play some games’.

And if I’m going to be really picky (and I’m in the mood) then ‘great sport’ doesn’t ‘happen here’, in respect of BT Sport – it happens on the field/pitch/in the stadium, regardless of whose TV cameras are pointed towards it.
Maybe the strapline should read ‘Great sport is recorded here’ … it’s not much worse than the current line.

Right, time for a cup of tea. I’ll drink it by using my mouth.


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