24 Feb

Another animal-based ad

If you’ve read other posts I’ve written, or received my newsletter, you’ll know my feelings on animal-based ads: I’m bored of them.
Anthropomorphised animals in adverts have been done to death;

– O2 ‘Be More Dog’: motivated cats
– McVitie’s Biscuits ‘Sweeet’: puppies and kittens in packets of bicuits
– Muller Rice ‘Rice Rice Baby’: a dancing, rapping bear
– Three Mobile ‘Silly Stuff. It Matters’: dancing pony
– CompareTheMarket.com: the meerkats
– Foxes Biscuits: Vinnie the panda
– Churchill Insurance: the nodding dog
– Rustlers ‘Satisfy Your Hunger Monkey’: a monkey
– John Lewis’ Christmas ad: a penguin

Okay, I’m labouring the point, but it does get annoying. It’s like brands and/or agencies have ceased to think, and are just running with ‘put some form of animal in it, have it doing something funny, win a D & AD award.’

But… I’ve just come across an ad (my thanks to my friend, Sue Spenceley-Burch) that, for once, uses an animal in a way that is entirely relevant to the message, and only takes a slight, but entirely necessary, lateral leap from the brief: highlight how dogs help veterans.

It’s wonderful, and – for a change – it’s not just adland nonsense.
Take 30 seconds to watch it, and see what you think 

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