15 Jul

At least make it vaguely believable

I’ve just received a text (fascinating, I know…). It reads:

ATMs are now lending!
Get £200 today for just £5/week.
Available to everyone in the UK
with a debit card, no credit checks.
Withdraw yours at… (I’ll spare the company the embarrassment)

My first thought was: ‘More text spam, where do these people get my number from?’

My second thought was: ‘What a load of b*ll***s, I don’t believe it in the slightest’.

ATMs lending?? Get £200 for just £5/week?? You just stick your card into an ATM and get extra money / a loan, with no questions asked??

Do people still fall for this stuff?

Does your company currently market itself in this way, or do you know any company that does?

Please don’t. It’s embarrassing. People really aren’t that stupid, or – if they are – there’s a lot less of those people around than there were pre-recession.

Right, I’m off to invest in this ‘one simple trick’ that will make me ‘a millionaire overnight’, apparently.

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