04 May

Be like the parakeets

I had nothing to write about today, when suddenly a screech from above gave me what I needed. It was a flock of those London/Home Counties parakeets. You know, the ones that started in south-east London and have spread everywhere.
I live in Hertfordshire, so they’ve now spread here.

If you want to write stuff – if you want to write copy – you’ve got to be like those parakeets; be everywhere.

You’ve got to be a voracious reader.
I read all sorts of stuff. I’ve just finished a children’s book – The Boy at the Back of the Class. Prior to that, I read an adult book – Small Great Things. I’m now moving on to a factual book, about diet and mood – Brain Changer.

You’ve got to be interested in the news and current affairs. I read the Metro from cover to cover, as part of my daily ritual. I hope to get at least one idea for a post out of what I read, but more often than not I don’t.

You’ve got to soak up films – lots of them. I’ve just watched Red Road again, tonight I’ll watch The Game, tomorrow I’ll watch Festen, and after that it’s Fear Me Not (a little feast of Danish films).

You’ve got to be active on social media channels and take in what brands are doing on there.
You’ve also got to keep your eye on traditional channels. Hop on the tube/train and take in the ads. Think about them. Critique them. What would you change?

You’ve got to take in job descriptions and see what companies are asking for if they’re to employ you.

You’ve got to listen to music, watch current series, take in popular culture.

You’ve got to have a hobby or two – an outlet for your creativity, outside of writing copy.

You’ve got to go to exhibitions, galleries, and watch plays.

In short, you’ve got to spread yourself.

Be like the parakeets – get everywhere.
You’ll reap the rewards.



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