16 Dec

Beautiful lateral thinking

If you follow me on Facebook, this post may be a little boring for you, as it’s something I commented on earlier, but…

I love this:


This represents beautiful, simple, lateral thinking at its absolute finest: to look at something, and – in one stroke – see it as / turn it into something else.

Everyone can look at something and think ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ or ‘I could’ve come up with that’, but simple, lateral thinking is a product of an uncommon mind (or thinking like that consistently, at least).
It’s the product of an uncommon mind because it’s also the product of an uncluttered mind: a mind that can look at something and see things that others can’t.
Most of us – myself included – walk around with a head full of clutter or try to look for complicated, or ‘clever’, solutions first, when the best/most creative one is staring us in the face.

It’s this kind of thinking that allowed someone to look at a thin, straight strip of metal and think ‘hmmm, clip that holds loads of paper in place’.

It’s this kind of thinking that allowed Trevor Bayliss to create the wind-up radio and take it to countries (or areas within countries) where people had no electricity, but wanted access to news and information.

Lateral thinking finds solutions to big problems. Lateral thinking changes the way we look at things … or it can just be used to create cute Christmas decorations.

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