11 Sep

Beauty and the Beast… sort of

Guys and girls: I’m sure we’ve all got/had one – a particular friend who’s just got the looks.  The one friend you want to be sure you’re never stood next to if you’re both out in a club or bar, and looking to attract a nice lady/chap.

Personally I don’t have this problem. Oh don’t worry, I’m not that cocky – it’s just that most of my mates are now married, so it’s irrelevant what they look like stood next to me, or vice versa.

But… getting back to the point: beauty next to beast.

I was watching TV last night, when this came on – another absolute gem from Barnardo’s children’s charity (hats off to all at BBH for this work):

It’s wonderful. It’s raw, it’s powerful, it’s emotive, and – to be frank – it got to me a bit.

While I’m processing the impact of that ad, my thoughts are almost immediately interrupted by this – this steaming pile of cr*p from JD Williams:

It’s just awful. What is going on? Why are random people dancing in a coffee shop? Why do the two women at the 30 second mark look slightly possessed / constipated? What has this got to do with a clothing brand: ‘clothes so good, you’ll want to stand up and dance in coffee shops’?? Why does Lorraine Kelly pop in, 10 seconds from the end? What has Lorraine Kelly got to do with the price of fish? Why does she walk in with a grin that would get you arrested if you were out in public? Why does she walk in and just start dancing with the random people?
It’s just a horrible pile of cheesy rubbish, with the brand name bolted onto the end.

… and it followed on from something as brilliant as the Barnardo’s ad. A real shame.

Beauty and the Beast, in one ad break, back to back.

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