22 Feb

Better than an ad

This is better than any ad:

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Two kids stopped eating Kellogg’s cereals, in protest at their use of palm oils, then started an online petition which gained nearly one million signatures.

Kellogg’s then invited the girls in to meet them, three times.
They’re now going to change their policy, switching to more sustainable palm oil, and they’ll meet the two sisters again in six months.

In a PR sense, this story is a winner:

Two cute kids – tick
Two kids who are determined to drive change to protect wildlife – tick
Two kids who are determined to get a big brand to change their ways – tick
A big brand who sat up and listened, and invited the two girls in – tick
A big brand who, off the back of this, have promised to change their ways and protect a species/the environment – tick
A big brand who haven’t just said the right things, but have put a plan into action – tick
A big brand who will happily meet the girls again, to give a progress update – tick
A big brand whose change in policy may well force other brands to do likewise – tick.

The whole-page article does far more for Kellogg’s than any full-page advert could do: it’s PR at its finest.

Who says you have to take out big, expensive ads to get noticed?

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