18 Sep

Beware of blah, blah, blah

When writing a blog post your own website’s content a press ad or whatever it may be you’ve got to be a little careful I mean for example have you found this easy or enjoyable to read so far or have you wondered how on earth I can call myself a copywriter when I don’t even know how to use the odd bit of punctuation

Was that fun?

I must come across at least one website per day where (even on the Homepage) the content contains run-on sentences, about five lines long, with zero punctuation.
It’s incredibly frustrating trying to read it: you have to add the punctuation in yourself, in your head.
You also (again, within your head) run out of steam while reading it: you feel like an overexcited horse racing commentator.

Please, please, please try to avoid doing this. If you have to get a few people to look over your copy/content, or even pay a proofreader, it’s worth it.
If your content is that bad – if it’s that difficult / confusing to read – a customer will just look elsewhere. If it’s anything like the first paragraph of this blog post, then it may even give the impression that your company is a little disorganised, sloppy, and will do a poor, rushed job (on whatever it is you’re being hired for).

You’re not James Joyce. Your content is not Ulysses. Clients will not enjoy trying to read a non-stop, 10-line sentence.

Go back through your content (or, as mentioned, hire a proofreader: it’ll be money well spent), and check it doesn’t ramble on: you don’t want potential clients running out of breath before they’ve even found out what you do.

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