26 Feb

Big ads, shit service

Below is a clumsy visual metaphor:


The garage door is a big, all-singing, all-dancing above-the-line advertising campaign from a big brand.

The lamppost is the service then received by a consumer interacting directly with that brand.

In short, for all the money spent on a big campaign to attract customers, shoddy customer service can then render that pointless – certainly from the perspective of retaining said customers.

Let’s talk broadband.

I’m with Plusnet. I was reeled in by their promises of great customer service and no mid-contract price rises.

Each customer service rep is helpful and friendly when I call, but… I haven’t had proper connection for three months (it just drops out at random). In fact, I’m saving this post every two minutes, just to be safe.
They’ve had five attempts at fixing the issue and eight phone calls – about two hours on the phone.
The issue isn’t the phone line, internal wiring, external wiring, the junction box, or the main socket.
Whatever the case, my contract is up, so I’m now leaving them: I can’t be with a broadband provider who can’t provide broadband. So, for all their well-crafted ads, their service has let them down.

Here lies another problem.

Again, for all of their big, above-the-line campaigns:

I won’t go with BT as, over the years, I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with them – their customer service is shocking/non-existent.

I won’t go with Virgin Media as I was originally with them and they just kept putting their prices up, every three-ish months, for no additional services.

I won’t go with EE as they’re BT-owned.

I’ve heard terrible things about Sky’s customer service, when it comes to broadband.

TalkTalk were recently named the UK’s worst provider for customer service.

John Lewis provide broadband, but through Plusnet.

So, for all the big garage doors, as attractive ad campaigns, these providers are sticking a lamppost directly outside of them with their shoddy service, once you deal with them directly.

In terms of broadband providers, my remaining options are Vodafone and the Post Office.
Let’s hope at least one of them is good.

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