29 May

Bike indicators: borderline genius

What a brilliant idea: two guys have invented, and marketed, bicycle indicators.

This might seem like such an obvious invention, but no-one else had come up with it yet, otherwise it wouldn’t be newsworthy.
In fact, the need for such a device is so painfully obvious, that the question has to be: why on earth has it taken ’til 2015 for this product to come out?

But that’s the case with nearly all brilliant ideas. Once they’ve been produced, people stand around and say ‘why didn‘t I think of that?’
This is because ‘obvious’ comes from simple thinking, and most people overcomplicate things, missing what’s right in front of them.

In London alone, the roads are becoming dangerously overcrowded, with more drivers than ever entering the city on a daily basis (regardless of the congestion charge), and – as we become more environmentally conscious – more cyclists.
Cyclists and motorists do not a happy mix make (motorists are ‘selfish’, cyclists ‘take risks’ etc) … and there have been some terrible incidents involving cyclists, including a few deaths.

Instead of adding to the constant blame game, this bicycle indicator, or WingLight, looks to make things easier/safer for both groups of people.
Doesn’t matter who’s to blame. Safer = fewer injuries/deaths.

The lights are activated by simply tapping them, and they flash at the same frequency as car indicator lights. Cyclists can still make hand signals, but using the WingLight creates a doubling-up effect in showing which way a cyclist is turning.

This is creative thinking at its finest – bringing genuine solutions to real problems, rather than just shifting products.

The idea (or rather, the product) is useful, needed, relevant, highly marketable, and has a huge, ready-made target audience: cyclists.
Do you have any idea how many cyclists there are in the world??

It’s also reasonably priced: £25 isn’t a huge cost to ensure your safety.

The guys behind WingLight stand to make a mint, due to simple, creative, relevant thinking.

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