18 Mar

Books – essential

I watched The Book Thief for the first time last night.
If you’ve not seen it, it’s well worth a watch.
The basic premise is that it starts off with a little girl who can’t read, and, by the end of the film, with love, care, and attention she’s able to (it’s a bit more involved than that – see here).

It got me thinking, that – particularly as someone who trades in words – I couldn’t live without books, or the ability to read.
And I got to thinking about my favourite ones.

So here goes:


– Hey Whipple Squeeze This – Luke Sullivan
– How to Write Great Copy – Dominic Gettins
– Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind – Al Ries & Jack Trout


– Catch 22 – Joseph Heller (I’ve read it three times and would happily do so again: sheer, unbridled lunacy)
– Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury
– The Outsider – Albert Camus
– Candide – Voltaire (also wonderfully silly)
– Ham on Rye – Charles Bukowski

So, that’s my lot.
Which books do you count among your favourites?

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