13 Jul

Brave or Stupid?

I saw this ad, from Three mobile:

ThreeRight copy    ThreeRightii copy


It’s quite a bold press ad, both in terms of layout and the statement it’s making, but… is it brave or stupid?

My first thought was; ‘I didn’t actually know that customers thought poorly of Three… they’ve now alerted me to that’

Then I thought of them as quite brave in having the honesty to acknowledge they’d offered poor service, and to say that they were sorting things out.

However … the statement ‘Now we’re rated most reliable’ is only based on one survey. How many other surveys are there on the reliability of the various mobile networks?

And the ad does come across as a veiled dig at those who criticised them / said that their network ‘sucks’. It’s a bit ‘ner ner, ner ner-ner’.
Three come across like a small child who can’t take criticism… but they’re a major company: they have to be able to take feedback better than that.

I get what they were trying to do with this press ad (and the fact that it’s part of a wider campaign), but, in my eyes, it hasn’t quite worked.

For me, it falls more into the category of  ‘stupid’ than ‘brave’.
Does anyone think differently?

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