10 Jul


I was watching the TV last night, zoning out, when an ad came on that I’ve seen at least a dozen times: Just Eat ‘Magic is Real’.

However, this time I spotted something I hadn’t previously – something quite random: the copywriter has managed to squeeze the word ‘cavalcade’ into the script / song.

I can count the number of times I’ve heard that word in conversation, in my life, on one hand.
How on earth has a copywriter (or, to be fair, it could’ve been the art director’s suggestion) managed to slip a word like ‘cavalcade’ into a mainstream TV ad… and do it seamlessly – so that it completely belongs there, rather than sounding shoehorned in?

Do you know how many words I’d love to use, within copy or content, but will never be able to (or just haven’t found a way)?

Words like:


Words that just don’t belong in any marketing collateral – let alone an above-the-line campaign.

Tell you what – if the copywriter for the Just Eat ads is currently available, I’d advise any business to snap them up. If they can slip ‘cavalcade’ into ads, imagine what else they can do…

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