17 Oct

Charm people with doodles

Just a quick post as it’s late Friday afternoon, I have nothing of great importance to say, and my head is a little fragile after a ‘meeting’ last night…

I saw this Easyjet ad, on the tube, yesterday:


The entire line, which I’ve stupidly cut off, actually says; ‘We won’t leave you miles from where you should be’.
What makes it work though (and what made me smile), is the cute illustration of the hungry lions looking at their next meal – the confused penguin.
It’s also consistent with the fun, carefree Easyjet tone, and it gets the message across about airport transfers and generally looking after their customers (plus, showing real lions about to eat a poor, quivering penguin probably wouldn’t have quite the same effect).

Illustrated and/or animated campaigns work. They both charm and disarm the audience.

They seem to work particularly well for the professional services sector – solicitors, accountants, and the like – lifting what can often be quite dry and serious subjects.

So, short and sweet: illustrated or animated campaigns – well worth considering.

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