03 Feb

Check, check, check again

Theirs a strong possibility that your sitting there, write now, reading this and thinking; ‘this guy says he’s a copywriter… is he taking the piss?’

There only small error’s, but, cumulativly, typos can make a complete mess of you’re copy and content: in fact, they can ruin your marketing and brand image as a hole.

Firstly, they pull readers (A.K.A potential client’s or customers) away from your key messages, because their distracted by the fact that you dont know where to place an apostrophe, or you misse the ‘d’ off the end of ‘missed’.

Secondly, they scream ‘unprofessional’, or, at worst, ‘lazy’. How much efort does it take to get one other person (perhaps someone objective, from outside of your company) to look through your copy before its signed off?
If your a company offering professional services, such as law or accountancy, how can you be trusted with the finer details of a legal case, or a VAT return, if your own website is littered with typos?

Last weak, I was looking at the website of a web design and development agency: they muddled up there/their/they’re four times on one page … then claimed to have an ‘in-house content writer’.

It’s not difficult to avoid typos – just get three or four people to have a look threw your copy. One could be a proffesional proofreader, the others could be friend’s or business acquaintances. This certainly beats making your organisation look a bit dim.

Anyway, nods to Proofreading London, who inspired the writing of this post with this beauty:


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