27 Jan

Clever copy

You don’t tend to see as many great copy-driven ads these days, particularly on public transport (some of the ads on London Underground are pure dross, acting – at best – as wallpaper), but this is a corker:


Props to Brad Burton for spotting it and taking a snap, which then allowed for some comments on social media. Most thought it was a cracking ad – a couple weren’t so keen.

For me, it works. Not only does it work, but it’s borderline genius in its simplicity and its acknowledgement of the intended target audience.

Firstly, this ad is running in Britain and most Brits know that simply opening your mouth in America, in front of a woman, results in: ‘oh my gaaad, you’re Bridish – I love your accent!’
Effectively, you don’t even have to flirt – you just have to mention tea and the Queen here and there.

So that’s where the ‘where your accent is an aphrodisiac’ bit comes in.

But … this reaction is prevalent across the whole of America. The British accent could just as easily be an aphrodisiac in Texas.
Except that nowhere else in America is known for hedonism – gambling, drinking, drugs, and sex – quite like Las Vegas. Nowhere is it more relevant that your accent alone should get you sex.

And think about it – after you’ve had a win on the tables, had a few drinks, and you’re ‘feeling lucky’, what could top things off better than simply using your accent to get a pretty lady interested in you?

And yes, this advert is aimed entirely at lads: lads with a bit of extra cash to spend on an extravagant holiday. It doesn’t matter if the ad is risque or ‘a bit tasteless’. It’s spot on for its target audience.
It’s spot on for those who think; ‘yeah, I want some of what Prince Harry got, in that hotel room’ or for guys who’ve watched films like The Hangover.

But look at this post: I’ve gone off on one about how good it is, explaining it in several lines. This ad covered everything I’ve said in just one line (or nine words) – that’s what makes it so darn smart.

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