08 May

Complaints: not such a bad thing

Uh-oh, that horrible moment when you get a narky email from a disgruntled customer, or see a comment about your company on a public forum – with full, listed details as to why they’re upset …

This might not turn out to be such a bad thing though.


Well, complaints – to my mind – are absolute gold dust when I’m looking to write copy for a client. They’re tell me where that client/company has been going wrong, what customers really think of them, and what issues to address within the copy.

Negative feedback offers something positive: a chance to get things right. After all, if customers simply mutter under their breath, rather than venting, how would a company know where they’ve been falling short and why certain customers don’t return?

In essence, you’re being given a free customer survey when you get that kind of feedback (or any feedback). In turn, this gives you the chance to tweak your product/service offerings, to ensure there are no future complaints.
It also gives me – as your copywriter – a chance to amend your copy accordingly, to avoid you overpromising on certain things, and to change your offering completely, if needs be.

So, there you have it: don’t be scared of complaints – they’re simply an opportunity to get things right.

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