10 Mar

Could’ve tried harder

From one extreme to the other.

My last post was about an advert trying to be just a bit too clever, and coming across as a little contrived.

However, I came across this ad, which I think suffers from the opposite problem:

Robinsons copy

It’s a really clever, simple truth that’s relayed in this ad: we need to drink lots of water, each day. Water is ‘boring’/flavourless (notwithstanding that we live in a country where we’re lucky to have access to clean drinking water). Robinsons flavours the water. Water with squash is better than not drinking any water.

… but it just feels like so much more could’ve been done with this simple truth, to make the advert more interesting and engaging.
The line ‘Not as perfect as water, but better than no water at all’, feels like the start of the thought – a thought that could’ve been expanded.

Adverts based on a truth (about the way the product or service is perceived, or the way we act) are brilliant. They make us have that ‘ah, that’s funny’ moment, and identify with the brand that’s advertising.

The Robinsons ad identifies a truth, but feels like it could’ve pushed that truth just that little bit harder.

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