06 Jan

Create a myth

Look at this:


Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 10.58.45

It’s bollocks of course – there is no beast. It’s probably just a cat caught in the mist that cast a larger shadow because of the way the light fell.

But look at the language: ‘Beast of Burford’, ‘black panther’, ‘moved like a predator’, ‘reported sightings’.

Suddenly a myth is formed around this creature that, as I said, is probably just a house cat minding its own business.
If there was a panther-like creature roaming around, you’d think it’d be seen more often than ‘in the 1990s’, in 2005, and in 2021.

It’s like the Beast of Bodmin. People like to believe the myth, no matter how implausible. They buy into it.

It’s the same with brands.
Look at the iPhone. It’s like a mythical being. The ads simply show the phone from different angles – nothing imaginative – and you want it.
You want the bigger screen, the contactless charging, the 12 MP camera, the smooth contours.
You’re not even sure why you want it. You just want it because it’s Apple and it’s slick. You’ve bought into the myth.

Nike has the same mythical status. You believe they’re everything sport. You believe their equipment will make you more professional, will make you run faster, will make you jump higher, will make you throw further.

And if you drill right down into it, Asics has done the same specifically for running. Beyond Nike, runners believe that Asics is the brand for athletes.

Rolls Royce has mythical status – the ultimate in luxury. Only for those who’ve truly ‘made it’.

It’s what you want to aim for, as a brand – mythical status.
Be the ‘Beast of Burford’.



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