26 Jun

Creatvity for the greater good

A Short and sweet post.

It’s great when a truly creative advert comes out (and the best of them are currently winning awards in Cannes, as I write this), or a phenomenal film, or anything creative within the commercial sphere.
But, what I really admire – and, to me, this is the pinnacle of creative thinking – is creativity that’s useful (as opposed to getting you to buy or watch something), and actually solves a serious problem, in a simple, neat, effective way: a way that would actually work ‘in the real world’.

Step forward, this idea:


A nail polish that acts as a detective agent for different types of drugs used in date rape crimes.
This could save so many women, and it could help to catch so many men who are looking to do such a thing.

But the best thing about it isn’t the technology behind the nail polish/what’s in it; it’s the thought that’s gone into the – for want of a better way of putting it – mode of discovery.

A woman can – as an entirely natural act – dip her finger in a drink/stir the drink with her finger, not arousing the suspicion of the person who put drugs in there, then choose when to slowly back away from the situation (maybe just ‘pop to the toilet’).
I’d imagine that someone willing to date rape a woman, is quite a nasty individual, so it’s important she can get away from him without him knowing he’s been found out.
She can also report him to bar staff, who can then call the police. Hopefully, he’d still be sitting on his bar stool when they arrived, unaware that he’d been reported.
Being able to test the drink with a finger, also removes the risk of having to sip the drink and finding that it tastes odd, taking in some of the drug in the process.

It’s a fantastic idea – really well thought through: creativity for the greater good.

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