25 Aug

Currys done a funny

It seems like a weird thing to do, but I’ve found myself smiling at a current ad campaign: the Currys ‘Someone’s after a laptop’ campaign.

If you haven’t seen the ads, here they are. They’re rather gigglesome:

It’s a close run thing, but I think the last one – with the dog blamed for weeing on the keyboard – is my favourite.

What I really like about these though, is that they came from such a generic proposition: ‘Currys have deals on laptops’.

Any electrical retailer could say that, and they all sell the same laptops, so the creative team behind these ads didn’t look to sell the audience into Currys, they just looked to nudge them into considering a new laptop.
… and they did this in a very funny, charming way. The ads made me laugh and I’ve heard friends talking about them; ‘…have you seen the one where he blames the dog?’

It’s a simple, creative, amusing solution to quite a tricky, bland brief.

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