22 Feb

Devoid of ideas

It would appear that Suzuki/their ad agency have run out of things to say about their cars, or any ideas as to how to sell them.

‘Erm, so come on – I want ideas. What can we say about this car?’
‘Pffff…. dunno’
‘Okay…. shall we just get someone famous, from TV, and put them in the ad?
‘Yeah, that’ll do’
‘Who’s really famous and on TV at the moment’
‘Ant n Dec – they win loads of awards!’
‘Yup, that’ll do… let’s make the ad’

From this ad, please tell me:

One key feature of the new Suzuki Vitara range.
One benefit of owning a Suzuki Vitara over any other car.
Why I should part with £14,000 for a Suzuki.
Why that ad couldn’t be for absolutely any other car / why you couldn’t put any other car logo at the end of the ad.

Me too.



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