24 Jun

Don’t do a Kanye

This is Kanye West going off on one about…. well, I’m not sure really…

Even listening to just the first couple of minutes, I have no idea what he’s actually saying. I can hear words, and I can see them leaving his mouth, but I can’t hear anything that makes sense: it’s just waffle.
It’s as if he’s trying to sound profound, but isn’t quite sure how to go about it (‘just keep talking, just keep talking… it’ll be fine’).
Ultimately, he could just as easily be saying; ‘light bulb, spaghetti, oak tree, spoon’… it would still make as much sense as what he says in this video.

Think about this in respect of the content on your website. Don’t use grand words or industry terms, or try to come across as philosophical, if you think it will alienate your audience.
Don’t just throw in words like ‘innovative’ and ‘bespoke’ if you don’t back it up anywhere else, by showing how you’re innovative and why your product/service is bespoke.

Ideally, get other people – who aren’t attached to the business, or have no reason to be anything other than brutally honest with you – to proofread your content. They’ll tell you whether it conveys your key message(s) or comes across as Kanye-esque waffle.

So, that’s it – don’t ‘do a Kanye’ when it comes to your content.

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