27 Aug

Don’t threaten

I must’ve said this a thousand times, across various platforms: just about the worst way to sell your product is to coerce people into buying it by threatening them (‘if you don’t use our product then X Y Z will happen to you’).

It’s mercenary and shows that you’re worried about people not using that product, or can’t think of a better way of selling it. It also puts your audience on the back foot: no-one likes being threatened.

So, step forward this beaut, from Bayer (makers of Advocate treatments for pets):

The message I get from this; ‘Use Advocate products or your dog will die’.

Even a cheesy advert showing the reverse of this – a dog having a long, happy life with its family – would’ve been better.

Don’t threaten people with your marketing – it’s nasty, mercenary, puts them on the back foot, and shows that you haven’t got any other way of selling it to people. Always sell on the positive.

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