03 Aug

Easy Money

I returned from my hols at the weekend (*sad face*), but on my way through the airport, catching my return flight, I saw through my tears and came across this gem of an idea:

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What a cracking, simple, relevant, commercially astute idea.

Anyone with a few Euros left in their pockets (anyone from a country where Euros aren’t used), just wants rid of them or they’ll sit in a drawer at home forever.
A few Euros could be anything up to €15. That’s £10 – a decent amount… but not worth taking into a Bureau De Change at home.

This little kiosk takes those spare Euros and gives you chocolate coins in return, dressing up the exchange as ‘changing your Euros for free / free chocolate’.
I highly doubt the chocolate is worth even 25p, but you’d happily give – for example – €8 for it (around £6) just to empty your pockets of the loose change and get some chocolate that’ll make you smile on your journey home.
The Euros still retain their value in the country where you’ve left them (in this case, Spain), and the kiosk/seller has made a huge profit on the cheap chocolate they gave you in return.

Everyone leaves happy.
The seller gets anywhere between £8 – £20 for something that costs bugger all.
The buyer gets to empty their pockets of loose change they can’t use at home, plus they go away smiling with a small bag of chocolate coins.

It’s wonderfully simple, brilliantly executed, and a great business idea.

Muy Intelligente.

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