10 Nov

Emma Ziff Photography

Emma Ziff Photography

Client: Emma Ziff Photography – beautiful lifestyle photography, using natural light, for; corporate events, family and life events, portraits of children and animals, charity and school events, conceptual work.

Brief: Emma was relaunching Emma Ziff Photography with a greater emphasis on her particular style of photography, her service offerings, and the emotion behind what she does and who she is.
The content had to convey that Emma creates natural, emotional, empathetic, story-telling photography across both the commercial/corporate sector and social events.

Solution: Working with her existing website design, I created copy to give the story behind Emma and her love of photography, and why people should hire her, over any other photographer, for their ‘big day’.
In particular, it was important to emphasise how Emma builds a strong relationship with her clients, to get a feel of what they want – crucial in respect of one-off events where there is no ‘second take’.
In line with the brief, I wrote the copy to be warm, empathetic, reassuring – conversational yet professional (not too colloquial).
Captions and image tags were written for over 150 images and keyword phrasing was kept relevant, but used sparingly across the site.

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