02 Jul

Endlines ruined: dumbing down great lines

I was in one of those silly, giddy moods I get into when the weather warms a little (and I was devoid of ideas for a decent post), so started turning current brand endlines into disappointing, damps squibs – here goes:

British Airways – To Fly, To Land.

Subway – Eat Freshish

Nike – Just Do Your Best

O2 – Be More Dog-eared

Vodafone – Power To Unicorns

BMW – Decent Driving Machine

B&Q – You Can Do It, But Pay Someone Else To

Lynx – The Teenage Effect

Sure – It Won’t Let You Smell

Maybelline – Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It Was An Accident.

Peperami – It’s A Bit Of An Animal’s Dangly Bits.



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