17 Jun

Every now and then it’s ok…


Sole traders.

Busy people in general.

Sometimes – just sometimes – it’s okay to have a night off and do sweet FA. I guarantee that, when you do, your next day will be one of the most productive you’ve had in a long while.

Since last Friday, I’ve spent up ’til 11pm, each day, in front of my laptop screen, tapping away or researching. My only breaks have been to attend business-related meetings.
I got to 5pm, today, and my brain was just mush (I’d written three lines, of what I was working on, in two hours).

Tonight, I’m going to stick on a film, eat chocolate, have a beer, and watch football.
As has happened whenever I’ve used this tactic in the past, I will have a wonderfully productive day tomorrow, and my rested brain will be full of new ideas (hopefully ones that help me crack briefs)

If you’ve ever seen Fight Club, then I’ll feel like Raymond K Hessel after Tyler Durden has held a gun to his head, then let him run off.
If you don’t know what I mean, please see 2:15 – 2:22 of this:





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