21 Sep



Client: Forcrohns – a charity raising awareness of Crohn’s Disease, and funding research into cures.

Brief: Little is known about Crohn’s Disease beyond sufferers and their nearest and dearest: raise awareness of the disease, and the work of ForCrohns, in a fun and engaging way, using relevant media.

Background: As it largely affects the intestines, one key symptom of Crohn’s Disease is the need to use the toilet frequently and urgently, which impacts greatly on the daily lives of sufferers.

Solution: An integrated campaign to give non-sufferers an idea of what it’s like to live with Crohn’s Disease …. ‘how would you explain a 10 minute toilet break to you mates?’
Posters, carrying this endline came with a variety of far-fetched (but plausible) excuses for a long trip to the loo. They were placed in an entirely relevant space: public toilets.
The posters drove traffic to an interactive microsite – where people could ‘flush’ for new excuses or enter their own – to find out more about Crohn’s Disease. In turn, this site linked to the main Forcrohns website where they could see how to get involved in the charity’s events.

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