11 Jan

Going round in circles

My wife and I just want something simple done: we want our driveway levelled off, so it’s not so steep that we can’t get our cars up it (currently it scrapes the front of them).

I first emailed our council about this – wanting to have it flattened and enquiring about planning permission – on 6th December (bear with me – there’s a point to all this).

Hearing nothing back, I emailed again on 2nd January. I also paid a £30 fee for a planning application.
I was directed to the ‘Planning Portal’, so started filling out a form.

Finally, I thought ‘sod this’, and called the council. After being put through to three different people, I was told it didn’t sound like I needed planning permission (or to fill forms), and the £30 should be refunded.

A colleague then replied to my email from Dec 6th/2nd Jan, saying that I need to go to the county council instead, and get a licence for the work to be carried out.

I went to the county council website, but it just has stacks of forms to fill in… I’m going to call them, as I haven’t got a clue what to do.

This feeling of being given the runaround, or ‘I can’t be arsed’, is the same feeling people get if:

A brand keeps them on the phone for ages, for a simple request – passing them from department to department

A brand has reams of block content on its website, banging on about this, that, and the other

A brand has a really difficult to navigate website, with content buried deep, on obscure pages

A brand sends a DM piece that’s four pages long (one charity was guilty at Christmas).

Don’t give people a reason to switch from your company to another, or ‘bounce’ quickly from your website, or put your DM straight in the recycling.
Have a think – look at your brand as if you were a consumer.

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