22 Nov

Happy Friday & Thank you Southbank!

Happy Friday one and all!

Firstly, if anyone is reading this post at 4.30pm on a Friday, it’ll be a minor miracle.
With that in mind, I’ll keep this fairly trivial.

I’d like to offer thanks to an inanimate object: Royal Festival Hall.

When I mention that I freelance, most people (outside of ad-land) give me a look that either says ‘aww, that’s cute’ or ‘you mean you’re unemployed, don’t you?’

Some things really don’t help that image, like the fact that – if I don’t need to work from home or a client’s office – I go to the Southbank and plonk myself at a table in the Royal Festival Hall.

There’s free wi-fi, plug sockets, a cracking view of the Thames, lots of fascinating people-watching to do, and you’re surrounded by a free photography exhibition (World Press Photo 2013: highly recommended).

I’ve cracked two briefs there this week. In both cases, the client is happy with the work and has no idea where I was when I produced it (unless they read this).

Again, it simply comes down to ‘whatever works’ (or rather, ‘wherever works’) in coming up with the best solutions.

I’m now going for a wander in the Southbank Christmas market, as I feel I’ve earned it, where I’ll pick up an overpriced cup of mulled wine and some chestnuts. Happy Friday!

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