22 Apr

Has beans

What is this steaming pile of poo?

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 16.36.37

By mentioning ‘the other beans’ all you’ve done is just remind me that Heinz exist and that I’d like to buy them.

What’s with the terrible pun?

And no, they’re not toast, just because a new brand has come along – they’re very much alive and kicking.

Why are there so many fonts?

How do you know I’ll ‘love’ the sauce? It might taste like a badger’s arse.

Climbing Everest is a challenge.
A marathon is a challenge.
Trying a new baked bean is not a challenge.
No one ever got a Victoria Cross for munching on beans.

This is a dog’s dinner of an ad.
I suspect the hand of an interferring client here (“oh how they’ll all lol at the ‘toast’ joke”), but I might be wrong.

This is how you write short press ad copy:

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 17.23.22

Short. Cute. To the point.

I think ‘the other beans’ can rest easy for now.

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