04 Sep

Highlight an actual benefit

I saw this while waiting for a train to Euston:


As a benefit of the Asus ZenBook, they’ve shown that you can hold the laptop between just two fingers.

Why is that a benefit to the consumer?
Are they trying to say that the Asus ZenBook is incredibly light? Incredibly thin?
If so, they’re a bit late: Apple spun that line ages ago, as a benefit of the MacBook Air.

Whatever the case, presenting the benefit ‘you can hold it like this’ (no matter how pretty the model holding it) is not going to get me to chuck £600 at an Asus laptop.

Demonstrating the laptop’s power, memory, or high-res screen might persuade me to buy it, but of what use is ‘holding it like this’?
It’s like me saying; ‘Hire That Writing Chap, because I wear stylish glasses’.

If you’re going to sell a product based on a particular benefit, make sure it’s actually… well, a benefit.

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